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Candy Cigarettes is the indie rock project of multi-instrumentalist Lane Mueller. Reminiscent of Boards of Canada’s nostalgia, Elliott Smith’s emotional songwriting, Kid A’s atmospheric rock, and glistening 90s shoegaze, Mueller creates rock that is musically complex without being over thought – evoking a nostalgic that’s as emotive as it is energizing.


Candy Cigarettes’ debut self-titled album was released in 2016 and quickly became a mainstay of Portland’s DIY scene playing at venues like show bar and The Doug Fir opening for artists such as Crumb, Cannons and Corridor. A self-taught musician, Mueller plays guitar, bass, piano, synths, and drums bringing a driving, atmospheric quality that feels like you’re not so much listening to his sound, but being bathed in it. 

Now, Mueller’s sophomore album Horse Lungs marks his first release in six years. It’s a triumphant return to the scene, with an album that’s more musically complex and lyrically cutting, drawing on themes of isolation and growth, as Mueller gained more confidence pushing the boundaries in his songwriting. On Horse Lungs, not everything follows a formula; Mueller finds more freedom in throwing it out the window.

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